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River Learning Academy

Enrollment Open

Ready to homeschool? Want support and friendship for you and your children?

We offer a full-curriculum, parent taught classes in a safe and fun environment. We meet year-round on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We are open to enrolling Kindergarten - 12th grade students, with Preschool available for parents who are here teaching/assisting. We start at 8am and end classes at 12:30pm.


On Thursday we have elective classes from 1-2pm that other homeschoolers can join us for, see below.


All classes are offered in person and regular attendance is expected. No plans are in place to offer online or virtual options for a missed class.

Parents and teachers are working together to help make homeschooling a great experience for us all. Children under age 4 are welcome to come with parent who is participating and learn.

Costs for Core classes:

  • $40 Application Fee (please make checks out to "The River Church"

  • $300 Registration

  • $300-600 Curriculum (one time)

  • $3,000 yearly Tuition per student-participating parent ($250 if divided into 12 monthly payments)

  • $4,200 yearly Tuition per Drop-off student (for parents who cannot participate on-site) $350 if divided into 12 monthly payments

  • $50 Discount per additional family member

  • Late Fee $20

Thursday Afternoon Elective Classes:

  • Require parent participation

  • $40 Registration

  • Classes $5 per student, per week

  • We are offering Drama & Cooking for now, but more coming soon

  • Fill out this application and return to us at

My Father's World
Rod & Staff Spelling

Teaching Textbooks & Math-U-See for math

If you have school age children and are interested in joining us, contact us!

Christina Matson         Pastor Lorri Wootan           Sheenah Pedersen

Alisha Wolf

(not pictured)

Christina has 6 children, 3 still living at home. She has been in education for 15 years in head start as well as in the local school district. While she was working, she also worked on associates, Bachelor's degrees in Education, and GTL to get an education license. Christina is a part of RLA as an educator and administrator.
Pastor Lorri has been in ministry starting in high school and coming together in ministry with Pastor Lew while they were dating and into their marriage. When the children became school age, Pastor Lorri homeschooled their daughters Kaylee and Rylee. Pastor Lorri is involved with RLA as the pastor, spiritual leader and drama instructor in the school.

Sheenah experienced public, private and homeschool growing up and has homeschooled her 5 children, ages 6-19 years old, from the beginning. She was a part of a homeschool co-op for 12 years and part of the leadership team for 5+ years. Sheenah is a part of RLA as homeschool teacher and administrator.


$40 Application Fee

Fill out once accepted

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Emergency Health Record 
(one for each child)


One each for our Middle & High School Students 
(filled out by the 6-12th grade student) 

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Be a blessing & sow into a student. 
Become an Academic Sponsor



4675 Portland Rd NE, Suite 190

Salem, OR 97305

503-385-8721 x 10

Thanks for submitting!

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