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School of Worship

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Required Courses

Bible Doctrine

Instructor: Pastor Jim Banke

We will study the core values of what we believe and why based on the Bible as well as exposing false doctrines concerning what we believe.

By the Anointing

Instructor: Pastor Lew Wootan

Students will learn how the principles of revival and ministry of helps works hand-in-hand in making a successful ministry. Learn how to keep focused on the plan and purpose of God by His anointing.

Harmony of the Gospels

Instructor: Pastor Trina Perkins

This course will give the students a thorough understanding of the four Gospels, show the life and ministry of Jesus and howhe ministered and flowed with the Spirit.


Instructor: Pastor Andrew Perkins

This course will familiarize the student with many scriptures that pertain to finances and stewardship. A foundation is given for personal life as well as equipping with truths needed for preaching on stewardship and giving in ministry.

Worship Foundations

Instructor: Brent Pedersen

Foundations is the first class in the Worship series. In Foundations we will overview what praise and worship is from a biblical point of view and how that corresponds to modern praise and worship. Who’s called to be involved in worship ministry? What kind of character is required? What does it mean to have a lifestyle of worship? This class will cover what it means to have a personal worship time, spiritual preparation, relationships, and balance in ministry.

Music Theory

Instructor: Brent Pedersen

Theory 1 is the first class in the Theory series. In Theory 1 the musician will gain a basic understanding of the elements that form musical composition, including notes, dynamics, melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Song Writing

Instructor: Nyssa Piesker

In Writing Lyrics the inspiring writers will learn techniques for creatively writing lyrics. They will explore their source for creativity, how to use scripture for subject matter, and how to properly build songs.

Vocal Worship

Instructor: Nyssa Piesker

Vocal Worship is the first class in the Vocal series. In this class the vocalists will learn techniques for warmups and proper care of their voices. They will also learn vocal dynamics and how to get the most out of their vocal range.

Keyboard Worship

Instructor: Brent Pedersen

Keyboard 1 is the first class in the Keyboard series. In Keyboard 1 the keyboardists
will learn warmup and practice techniques to strengthen their ability. Students will learn chord structuring and how to flow between chords using inversions. They will learn some basic worship flow concepts such as arpeggiation and broken chording. They will also delve into dynamic and expressive playing.

Music of the Bible

Instructor: Brent Pedersen

The purpose of the Biblical Songs Class is to help establish a firm foundation and understanding in Biblical praise and worship.

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